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My name is Bahalul Kabir

I’m an enthusiastic product designer currently shaping the future of TEKHIVE, Supreme Supports and Square Health.

My schooling started when I was around 4~5 years old. I enjoyed my school era to the tilts. I was a very mischievous guy at that time. But when it comes to showcasing my talent in creative arena; I was always at the forefront, won few awards and appreciation drawing skills. Like this days kept passing leaving sweet memories to be cherished.

Currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’ve been passionate about pixels and design projects since 17yo and haven’t stopped working and learning about new technologies day and night ever since. Other than sitting in from of my display I enjoy myself in watching movies, painting and cycling.

Latest Project

Some projects I enjoyed working on. I’ve worked on to make the www a more beautiful & usable place. From design to code.

I believe your work is what defines the level of your passion. I work with clients both large & small; projects both intricate and straightforward; businesses spanning from all around the world.


With 12+ years experience. I’ve produced work for a range of companies from startups to multi-national giants all over the world.

Head of Technology

July, 2018 – Present

TEKHIVE is a team of tech professionals who are highly skilled in design & development of IT industry.

Technical Lead

Supreme Supports Pty. Ltd.
Jan, 2011 – Present

Supreme Supports is a one-stop solution for design, 3D rendering and application development.